Do you Want More Clients in Your Dental Clinic?

Has the Business Been Low For the Past Few Months?

If YES, you need our PPC services because:

  • We are the masters of creating Google ads that deliver high.
  • Our clients know us for working under the most challenging budget constraints.
  • We know the art of multiplying your ROI manifolds in a matter of months.
  • We promise a record-breaking increase in your web traffic in no time.
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What Do We Offer in Dental PPC Services?

Our core PPC package includes:

  • Ad Keyword Research
  • Making the Google Ads
  • Tracking the leads
  • Time-to-time Upgradation of the Landing Pages
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Performance Management
Google PPC Services

Want to see customers walk through your doors?

Get them to come to your website first. Don’t let your competitors’ flashy sites draw away your clients. Let your website be the first they click on when they are in need of a dental practitioner

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PPC Services for dental practice

What We Have Achieved Till Now:

For the past years in our business, we have lifted several dental businesses sky high literally from ashes. We have stats to back our claim:

  • 45% growth in the client base during the past year.
  • More than 70% of clients who saw a ROI going up by 1.3x.
  • PPC campaigns for 84% of clients that doubled their phone bookings and client footfall.

Dental PPC Services can do wonders when you talk about web traffic. Increased web traffic of an optimized website will eventually lead to more clients and an increased ROI. Paid advertisements are the best for specialized services. Therefore, PPC is the best match for dental services.

As compared to SEO, PPC gives quick results. With a carefully designed campaign, you get to see the increase in traffic in a matter of days. However, a successful PPC campaign depends on whom you partner with, so always choose a PPC partner carefully.

A good PPC campaign depends on how well your ad is created. Testing at every step makes a campaign work wonder, and if you’re working with an exceptional team, they will keep you updated with the performance tracking and lead generation tracking as well as the results of their optimization efforts.

No, these are two different approaches to get traffic to your website. SEO works to fetch organic traffic, while pay-per-click directs traffic to your website via paid advertisements. However, both these strategies work on the same goal of driving more traffic to your website. When coupled strategically, the conversion rate increases manifolds.

No matter who you are, we’ve got what you need.

I needed to increase the number of clients because the cost of doing dental practice was very high. We got a solution soon in the form of PPC campaigns. CANZ Dental proved to be the best choice because their campaign management increased the number of clients by 100%.


We tried to boost our business through SEO strategies. We saw a little boost, but not what we were aiming for. Around that time, we finally decided to try CANZ Dental. They ran a PPC campaign for us that produced better than expected results in less than half the time we did with SEO. Our current ROI has increased to 7.34X thanks to the creative minds and skillful hands of their team.

Dan Billson

I deal in periodontics, and the specialization of the field makes it very difficult to reach potential clients. On a fellow’s advice, I went for CANZ dental’s PPC services that proved to be the best business decision for me till now.

Thanks, team! You are the reason I am still holding this office – only with better revenue now.


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