When Everything is on Social Media, Why Not Your Dental Practice?

If your practice is growing, why haven’t you still taken it to social media?

Been planning? No Problem!

Let’s integrate all your social media handles with a management strategy that exhibits uniformity yet uniqueness and helps spread your brand voice with a better image. We help you in social media services and set your brand apart at a higher position in your patient’s mind handling the following for your dental practice:

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

We use a mix of social strategies to get your dental business its fair share of visibility across social media platforms.

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How Do We Help You in Social Media Services?

With a dental practice, the most appealing part is that people search for you instead of you searching for them. Imagine having a ruthless toothache that doesn’t subside. What will an average person do? They will search their phones. First, they’ll Google – for which we have our dental SEO part. And then, they’ll check social media accounts to see which dentists can help them.

If you’re the one who can help them, let them know you through your business profile on social media. We have specialized tools to occupy the best result places for your practice through account handling, content creation, live sessions, and referrals.

You only need to partner with us to make you go BIG by going SOCIAL.

Want to see customers walk through your doors?

Get them to come to your website first. Don’t let your competitors’ flashy sites draw away your clients. Let your website be the first they click on when they are in need of a dental practitioner

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Social Media Services for Dentists

Why Are We the Best?

1.  Use of modern technology:

With access to all the modern social media management tools, we guarantee stats that will speak for themselves.

2. A result-driven team:

Our experts believe in numbers. They want to see your engagement and retention rates sky-rocketing.

3. Research that surpasses average social media services:

At CANZ Dental, research is the backbone of each project we take. We will conduct in-depth analyses of your market and your competitors to keep you afloat in your dental practice.

Social media is the most powerful set of platforms that can give an unimaginable boost to your business. The only thing to take care of is to use it to its full potential and get expert advice on how to use it.

The demographics of your audience can determine this. We conduct in-depth research of the target audience and do profiling of the indicators such as income, age group, social preferences, and then target accordingly.

Similarly, determining which social media platforms benefit your dental practice requires determining where your clients usually hang out. For example, if your client base is primarily teenaged, Instagram is your best bet because Insta is heaven for teenagers. Likewise, if you deal with politically aware adults, you can connect to them better through Twitter.

Post timings are of utmost importance when it comes to social media. To know the peak hours and the activity concentration on various SM platforms, we have tools that give exact and satisfactory results.

For a service business like dentistry, word-of-mouth marketing had a profound impact in the past decades. Things have changed greatly with the advent of social media. Marketing practices have taken a more aggressive turn, and social media advertising is one tool to create the foothold. In the fiercely competitive market, paid social media advertising can easily pinpoint and target your correct audience, so every dentist must give it a try.

What People Say About Our Social Media Services

My dental practice saw its golden era when I partnered with CANZ Dental for my social media management. I have seen my clients going gaga over the content this team posts across all the social media handles. They keep the audience hooked and have helped me increase awareness for my dental practice. Needless to say that has reflected positively on my footfall and profits.


I am not a tech-savvy dentist, but my clients always told me that they want to see me on social media as they can see other medical practitioners. I have a trusted bond with my existing clients, and their opinion matters, so I collaborated with CANZ Dental to get my social media straightened. The engagement on the social media platforms has started showing in my clinic in the form of more and more patients.


I am an oral surgeon for whom convincing the clients is the most challenging task. People don’t easily get comfortable going for an oral surgery because they are afraid of the pain. I had to take the social media route to get them on board. We compiled animated videos for our surgical procedures with this outstandingly creative team and circulated them on our social media handles. I have seen patients getting acquainted with the idea of an oral surgery better now, and I believe there is more to come.


Ready to Grow Your Online Presence?

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